Solutions to improve productivity.

Produce companies continue to deal with labor issues that
make automated handling equipment a practical alternative.  
Box palletizers, gentle bin dumpers, strapping machines and
check weighers are just a few examples of labor-saving
equipment offered  by Sorma USA. LLC.

Sorma handling equipment has its roots in Europe, where high
labor costs forced the produce industry to seek out automated
handling technologies.   It is important to note that the  Sorma
USA. LLC line of handling equipment was designed specifically
for the produce industry.  Seasonal use, durability and simple
designs are all factors taken into design consideration for this

Multi-Station Case Palletizer

Application:  Sorting and palletizing corrugated & r.p.c.'s.
Advantages:  Economic solution to sort and palletize multiple boxes in one  system.  Can
be set up to work sort and palletize up to six different boxes at a time.  The capacity of the
system depends on the number of stacking stations.

Case Palletizer

Application:  Palletizer for corrugated boxes & r.p.c.'s.
Advantages:  Compact palletizer suitable for the fresh produce industry. The FBR is ideal
for stacking Euro boxes with stacking tabs.  It can also be used for r.p.c.'s and wooden boxes.  
A special version of the FBR-108 has been introduced for the US market with a weight per
layer of 350 lbs. The capacity depends on the box size, but ranges from 700 to 1150 boxes
per hour.  

Case Palletizer w/ Support Plate

Application:  Stand alone palletizer for difficult applications.
Advantages:  The PAL-108 is deal for accepting infeed from a double conveyor.  Ideal for
two-piece boxes or boxes with tapered sides and stacking tabs.  Certain RPC's can only be
run on the PAL.  Capacity:  approx. 200 layers/hr.

Case Palletizer w/Support Plate - Simple Version

Application:   Stand alone palletizer for difficult applications.
Advantages:  Economical and compact solution.  Simple installation and operation.   The
capacity is 600 up to 800 boxes/hr depending on size and pattern.

Continuous Self Adjusting Dry Bin Dumper

Application:  Gentle bin dumper for delicate fruit, melons
Advantages:  This machine offers a continuous flow of product with the benefit of
automatic de-stacking and re-stacking.   Fruit flow can be varied to meet packing
requirements.  Product exits the bin from the top, which helps eliminates pinch points.  Also,
empty bins are replaced with full bins much faster than traditional dumpers.   A self-adjusting
version is available to handle various bin heights without any changes to the machine
settings.  An optional feature is a vibrator for irregular shaped products such as peppers and
pears.  The capacity depends on the fruit and the settings.  The range is 5-100 bins per hour

Continuous Self Adjusting Dry Bin Dumper

Application:  Gentle bin dumper for delicate fruit
Advantages:  A basic version of the dumper described above, this machine does not
include automatic de-stacking and re-stacking.  Offers all the same gentle handling features
and advantage as the RCE/A described above.  Output:  5 - 65 bins per hour.

Semi-Automatic Self Adjusting Bin Dumper

Application:  Gentle bin dumper for delicate fruit .
Advantages:  A simple bin dumper designed for delicate fruit such as apples, peaches,
kiwi, etc.  Bins are loaded by a forklift.  Dumps at a 122 degree angle.  Maximum capacity is
40 bins per hour, depending on machine settings.

R.P.C. Washing Machine
Application:  A simple tote washing machine, maximum height 16".
Advantages:  Uses hot water (can use electric, gas or steam) to wash totes.  
High quality stainless steel construction.  45 washing nozzles, 9 rinsing nozzles.  
Perfect for 40x60 Euro footprint totes.

Pallet Strapping Machine

Application:   Applies strapping material to pallets.
Advantages:   Automates an otherwise very labor intensive task.  Can be set up on a
multi-station track system to increase the efficiency and output.  The operator can easily
adjust the number of layers of strap material.  NOTE:  this machine does not apply
cornerboards... it only straps the pallets.  Cornerboards, if required, must be pre-applied.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

Application: Wraps pallets in plastic netting or plastic wrap.
Advantages: Secures pallets in a very economic manner. Can use a rotating table or a
rotary arm.  Optional features include pallet infeed and discharge.

Net Rucking Machine

Application:  Loads continuous net (woven or extruded) onto net tubes.
Advantages:   Significant labor savings.  Uses nylon brushes instead of  rubber tires, which
results is less wear to the tube.

Clamshell Price Weigher

Application:  Weighs clamshells, calculates price & attaches price label.
Advantages:  Prints a custom price with UPC, PLU, etc., onto clamshells.  Stainless steel
construction.  Has a range of 3.50oz. to 4.25 lbs.  Designed for punnets or clamshells,
maximum length: 12" , maximum width:  6".   Uses 2.67" x 1.77" thermal labels ONLY.

Clamshell/Punnet Check Weigher

Application: Sorts overweights and underweight clamshells or punnets.
Advantages: Avoid unnecessary product giveaway and underweights.  Designed to check
weight trays ranging from 7oz. to 4.25 lbs.  The output depends on the settings and tray size,
but is approximately 50 units per minute.  

Automatic Clamshell / Punnet Denester

Application:  Denests clamshell trays onto filling machine.  An ideal accessory for the
Sorma Clamshell Weighing/Filling Line.  
Advantages:   Eliminates the need to manually denest clamshells.  Designed to work with
the Sorma line of clamshell filling machines (see Packaging Machines)

Automatic Box Filler for Clamshells & Punnets

Application: Loads 1kg. (2.2 lbs.) punnets or clamshells automatically into a 40x60      Euro
box.  Automatically denests new boxes (storage for 15).  Capacity is up to 50 clamshells or
punnets per minute.  Can also work with RPC's.  
Advantages: Significant labor savings.  Consistently fills units into a shipping container.

Automatic Clamshell Closing Machine

Application:  Automatically closes clamshell trays.  Works great with most clamshell trays
different clamshell sizes.
Advantages:   Significant labor savings.  Eliminates a very tedious manual task.

Label Printer & Applicator for Clamshells & Bags

Application: Prints information such as barcode, weight, date, etc. onto an adhesive label.  
Label size range:  height:  1.50" - 1.75"    width:  2.00" - 2.60".   Capacity:  up to 80 labels
per minute depending on the size.  Labels must be of a suitable thermal paper.
Advantages:   A very simple machine with a surprisingly high capacity.

Tote De-Stacker

Application:   Automatically de-stacks and singulates totes and field boxes.
Advantages:   Provides a steady, consistent flows to optional dumper (shown in photo).  
Can work with two pallets simultaneously - the operator can choose a pallet mixing program
(i.e. alternate pallets or empty one pallet then start on the next).  The capacity of this
machine is approximately 900 boxes per hour depending on the size and patter.   

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Cornerboard Applicator + Strapper

Application:  Applies cornerboards and strapping material to pallets.
Advantages:  Automates an otherwise very labor intensive task.  Automatically adjusts to
different size pallets.  Can be set up on a track (as shown in the photo) to work with multiple
pallets.  This increases the capacity of the machine.  The maximum capacity is 40 pallets
per hour.  Capacity is determined by the configuration and number of strap layers.

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