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1-D Cutters
2-D Cutters

Three Dimensional Cutting Machines

In Line Cutter
The most versatile in the FAM line, the ILC offers processors the advantage of a
high capacity cutter with a very compact design.  The ILC has a extremely wide
range of dice sizes, from 1/4" up to 1-1/8".  The ILC is suitable for straight or
crinkle cut applications.  The mechanical drive area is completely separated
from the product zone to avoid grease contamination.   Cleaning is very easy
thanks to a hinged access cover over the transmission as well as a hinged infeed
chute.  Crosscut spindles are available in three executions: nylon, m.a.b. and
stainless steel.

Potato French Fry Cutter / Dicer
A potato version of the ILC-3D.  This machine has many modifications and
features to make is suitable for the tough environment in a potato processing
plant.  The ILC-3D FF/D can be used for straight or crinkle dices, fries and slabs.

Super Dicer
The SUD is the workhorse of the FAM line.  This is the highest capacity
machine FAM makes.  The SUD is ideal for small dices from hard products such
as carrots and potatoes.  Cut product from the SUD is particularly ideal for
further processing, making a an ideal choice for juice and dehy applications.


A low capacity, versatile dicer designed primarily for fresh cut produce
processing, the Flexifam has made a name for itself in this niche industry.   
No other dicer in the FAM line offers the quick changeover and easy
cleaning found in the Flexifam.  If your project calls for a dicer that will run
many different products and sizes in one shift, the Flexifam is worth

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